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Potential Chicago Cab Strike July 31 – How to Get to adtech(ad:tech) via CTA

With today’s possible cab strike in Chicago, I thought it would be a good idea to post CTA bus options to arrive at the west end of Navy Pier. Please note that even with these bus options, it is a10 minute walk to the east end of Navy Pier where the Festival Hall is located. […]

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Initial Thoughts on Microsoft Aquiring Aquantive

Techcrunch had an earlier article. At $6 Billion or $66.50, an ~85% premium over the previous days selling price that creates a price to earning rating of around 52, many people would consider this to be overpayment. With approximately $26 Billion in the bank that shareholders consistently complain is underutilized, it is more likely insurance […]

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SES Chicago 2006 – Day 1 – Advertising in Social Media

Gary Stein, Why Social Media? Three Wrong Reasons Two Right Ones (plus one bonus concepts) – Obvious and Wrong Reason #1: That’s Where the People Are – Minority of consumers read blogs, blog, podcast, have a Second Life avatar, etc. – Most businesspeople are not tuned into Web 2.0 – Obvious and Wrong Reason […]

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US Cellular Ads Using Google Maps

The Chicago Suntimes had an interesting banner ad Friday. When clicked it led to a domain registered on September 7the,, with Google Coupons. It would be interesting to see how well this campaign does. The ad is interesting to me as I’ve recently been thinking about changing celluar/wireless phone providers.

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Scoble You’re Cracking Me Up!!!

The other day Scoble posted about how video blogs are superior to text and I disagreed. Well two days later he posts this gem about Yahoo!’s announcement today about slightly lower earnings due to lack of realization of projections and guidance. (Maybe they should take Progressive Insurance’s stance and not give guidance, now there is […]

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Future CEO Hired Outside of Industry

In a smart move, Ford hired outside it’s own industry for it’s next CEO. Imagine that, hiring someone for their knowledge and competencies, realizing that fresh perspectives are necessary to lead in a different way and solve unique and complex problems. Great article and a better decision. Are you listening search engine and interactive marketing leadership and […]

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Contact #2300 – Contextweb CEO Anand Subramanian

Anand and I recently shared a great conversation. Contextweb’s ContextAd is the only true REAL-TIME marketplace for buying and selling ads using patent pending Contextual Targeting technology (Patent Publication No.: US-2002-0123912-A1). You can learn more details here.  Anand is extremely interesting to talk to and I appreciate his views on a wide variety of issues. […]

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