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Death of Blog Search Part 3 – Technorati Cuts Data

You’ve seen me talk about this before. Now the new CEO not only hasn’t fixed the Typepad duplicate counting problems, there are dozens of links that aren’t being counted. It is cutting the most useful asset. Historical data. Nobody cares about the past 6 months worth of links – total links and the historical reference […]

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IAC Split Up Conference Call Summary

In the call it was stated that Barry Diller will continue as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of IAC. There are a ton of other reports. I won’t repeat all of that, I’ll just point out the conference call highlights. He’s quite animated and interesting to listen to, I wish he did loosely structured calls […]

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Web 2.0 was NEVER a Business Strategy

You saw the craze. People built up Web 2.0. It’s frequently a term that people used to avoid business principles and focus entirely on technology without any end goal. I have always disdain it. Many folks surprisingly jumped in with funding for some of these ideas, likely more due to existing dot bomb relationships that […]

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Microsoft Hotmail Blocking Yahoo! Mail as Spam?

This is a joke. But all too real. Microsoft meet Yahoo!. Yahoo! meet Microsoft. Now play nice. Remote host said: 550 SC-004 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. A block has been placed against your IP address because we have received complaints concerning mail coming from that IP address. If you are […]

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New York Times Article Andy Rubin Google Gadget Guru

I rarely see things like this anymore, but oh my what an amazingly well researched story by John Markoff about Andy Rubin at Google. The article talks about the changing face of the smart phone market and you really get a feel for the history of Mr. Rubin. While the parts about Mr. Rubin’s doorbells […]

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Business Week Article – So Many Ads, So Few Clicks

Nice article talking about he decline in click through rates of ads.  It includes this statement: But as responsiveness declines, ad targeting grows more attractive. Marketers see increases of 30% to 300% in click rates when ads are customized based on criteria such as the location, content of Web pages visited, or information researched on […]

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Jason Palmer and Others Leave WebTrends…Professional Interim CEO Appointed

According to this Click Z story…Jason Palmer and three other executives have left Webtrends. Since the company is doing well to the best of my knowledge – one might speculate that it had something to do with things other than revenue and profit. I only had one encounter with Jason Palmer, it was at my […]

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