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Google Recruiting “Error” – “Fixed”

After over half a month, Google finally put up a site on the URL in the September United Airlines Magazine. It’s interesting that this took over half a month for Google to properly coordinate this simple media campaign between a magazine and a micro site. It certainly shows all is not well within Google’s recruiting department. […]

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British Airways – Outrageous Decision to Fly On

Simply Shocking!!! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a British Airways jet lost an engine due to fire on takeoff from LAX and decided to continue onward with the flight to London!!! “The Los Angeles air-traffic-control tapes, obtained by The Wall Street Journal under the Freedom of Information Act, show that controllers who saw the […]

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Give Steve Sloan his Skype Back!

SJSU + Skype, give Steve his Skype back. Read his original post here. Good luck!  In fact this should be a bigger issue than SJSU, there are many places where this should be reversed, I hope Steve succeeds and starts a trend – please support Steve by linking to his post.

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Jeremiah Owyang on Social Media at Ragan PR Conference

I arrived to the session late…. Corporate bloggers must have thick skin. Community Manager – gather sources and send them away…they will come back. How do I get all employees involved? Community marketing allows engagement. Responding to complaints: – Engage the blogger – “we hear you” Blogger relationships – treat them with respect and analyst. […]

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Shel Holtz on Podcasting at Ragan PR conference

Shel Holtz is the second Shel in my life who studies social media. The other is Shel Israel. Shel Holtz refers to Shel Isreal as “Shel #1” due to his superior age characteristics. “Podcasting is Tivo for audio.” Podshow is a network of shows. Yahoo!, iTunes, Podcast Alley are other alternatves. There are a lot […]

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Getting noticed in the new word-of-mouth network

Robert Scoble: Keynote Speech: Naked Conversations Talks about history, blogs are best way to get stuff indexed in Google. There is an informal conversation network. Tells the story about how a few people he told that he was leaving Microsoft. How that spread and then a largely unread blog was the one that first posted […]

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Last Night’s Blogger Dinner…

What can I say? Jeremiah Rocks! Enough said.

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