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Speaking Of Facebook – It Needs Change Management of Customer Service

There has been some discussion today of Facebook’s business model. Forget about monetization, can Facebook survive without any useful customer service improvements? While 98% of the service works great on autopilot, there is absolutely zero customer service for the things where you do need help. I don’t mean bad customer service, I mean there is […]

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As an alumnus of DePaul University and a member of DePaul’s New Venture Challenge judging team since inception, I’m pleased to see this ranking!!! However, high rankings on entrepreneurship education alone is not sufficient, the next steps are: 1) To build a transparent, quick and efficient marketplace for entrepreneurs, experienced and passionate management teams and […]

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How To Reorganize Management For Social Media, Search Marketing and Internet Advertising

Every once in a while Robert Scoble puts down the camera and writes an amazingly thought provoking blog post. Not a perfect post, but one that makes you think about the state of things. Scoble’s comparison of certain VCs to big companies struck a chord with me due a speech I’m working on. I’d like […]

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The Future Yahoo! CEO Nominee Discussion…

OK, Kara Swisher started this discussion(I’m not saying it’s going to happen), but I question her fundamental assertion that Jerry Yang is the person calling the shots. The memo regarding Jeff Weiner’s departure came from Sue as does most of the primary communication messaging. Many think Sue is the one that is in charge for […]

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ebaydevcon08 – eBay Future Product Roadmap Session

The following is my live and raw blogging of Adam Trachtenberg’s session: New Ebay API Calls released today – most watched items – deals – related category items – top-selling products This uses eBay’s New Services Framework! This is an API upgrade… Cross Merchandising – sell products using the brand – promote contextually relevant market […]

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Twitter Question

A question to add to all of these posts asking Twitter questions: Will the AIM interface ever be fixed? I found posting from IM to be the easiest and fastest method, it’s been broken (or blocked by AIM?) for months dating back to 2007. What is the status of the Twitter AIM interface? Anybody?

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TECH cocktail CONFERENCE Chicago – Creating Change For The Future

Wow! That was tiring, I stepped on the L at 7:30AM and didn’t get home until 1:30AM the next morning! 18 hours of pure madness! Most people noticed the great speeches by Gary Vee from Wine Library TV and Dick Costolo (aka ask the wizard) and others. But what I really appreciated was the other […]

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