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Could Twitter Actually Have a Business Model in Keywords?

Biz Stone got this directionally correct, it is just not in a format that is usable in real time, yet… If I were the lead product manager at Twitter, I’d be setting up two primary screens: 1) Keywords across the entire network overall which toggle switches for the frequency compared to normal (it would be […]

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How To Reorganize Management For Social Media, Search Marketing and Internet Advertising

Every once in a while Robert Scoble puts down the camera and writes an amazingly thought provoking blog post. Not a perfect post, but one that makes you think about the state of things. Scoble’s comparison of certain VCs to big companies struck a chord with me due a speech I’m working on. I’d like […]

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Nokia N81 8GB Review

A few weeks ago┬áI was sent a Nokia N81 8GB mobile phone. This post will contrast it with Nokia N73 it replaced. Image by tnkgrl via Flickr Positives of the Nokia N81 8GB: – The first thing you notice is new radically different navigation on N-series phones. The green and red call and hang up […]

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