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TECH cocktail CONFERENCE Chicago – Creating Change For The Future

Wow! That was tiring, I stepped on the L at 7:30AM and didn’t get home until 1:30AM the next morning! 18 hours of pure madness! Most people noticed the great speeches by Gary Vee from Wine Library TV and Dick Costolo (aka ask the wizard) and others. But what I really appreciated was the other […]

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TC08 Chicago – Ask The Wizard Live – Dick Costolo Talks Entrepreneurship

Dick Costolo gave a really raw, heartfelt talk about Feedburner, venture capital fund raising and venture capital. I won’t dwell on it here, but even though I’ve never worked directly on anything with Dick, we’ve had an amazing exchange of ideas and conversation over the years. Someday I hope I can take that relationship to […]

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TC08 Chicago – Designing With Users In Mind

The following is a brief summary of the session that Former Feedburner folks Matt Shobe and John Zeratsky (I need to spend some time with that guy sometime) put on at TECH cocktail Conference 08. Without further delay, here’s their tips on designing with users in mind! Be Yourself – informal, fun Be Fast – the […]

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TC08 Chicago – Looking at Technology For Your Business In New Ways

TECH cocktail CONFERENCE 08 in Chicago got started with Mike Domek, after which the guys from Threadless gave a simple and fun session with some practical insight… Problems Scaling…printers, vendors, etc Inventory is hard…. The Internet is Serious Business Dealing with problems that we are not prepared to deal with… (can be an advantage too) Advantages […]

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Why You Should Make Your Photos Public Use – Example 1

Robert Scoble is always advocating this practice… The effectiveness hits home when you see it happen to someone you know who is less famous (but no less remarkable)… Congrats, Dan! See you soon.

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Dell Deleting Message Board Entries About Dell Inspirons

During my recent Dell communications, I performed a Google blog search on – Dell Inspiron 1505 hinges Please focus on the second item: At the time that entry was still in Google blog search, it reached to a dead link. Why is Dell censoring and deleting information about these Inspiron line issues? Do they have […]

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White Paper…Query Suggestions for Mobile Search: Understanding Usage Patterns

Bill Slawski wrote up a nice review of the Google paper on mobile search…definitely good analysis to a nice research piece on the most perplexing bottleneck – mobile data input. It’s my expectation that interest in innovation in the text input, voice input or even new forms of shortcuts will accelerate in the near future […]

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