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Why Earth Hour Was Lame

Wow, we turn off some lights for an hour in some giant empty office buildings in downtown Chicago (which should be the case every night) and people lose their minds. If people were truly energy conscious, wouldn’t they want these lights to be off in these empty buildings every night, all night? Wouldn’t that do […]

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Tom Churchwell Venture Capital Speech at University of Chicago GSB

The following are high level notes of Tom Churchwell’s speech discussing venture capital at The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (Chicago GSB). This talk took place in Chicago on January 22, 2008. I’m posting it today in celebration of this week’s Midwest Venture Summit. Typical Fund Structure – Management Fee 2.5% of committed […]

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Finally…Real Proof That Brands Affect Search Choice…Ginger and Mary Ann

Yahoo Buzz had this interesting tidbit… What was Mary Ann thinking? Though Spitzer rode roughshod over most of the week’s news, a few other stories still managed to slip to the top of Buzz. One of them was a Yahoo! News article on Dawn Wells, the actress best known for her portrayal of Mary Ann […]

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So Anil Dash Wants WordPress Users to Change to Moveable Type…

Anil Dash has put up quite an intriguing post arguing the case. Matt Mullenweg are you listening? I’m gonna add a few more reasons to his list of reasons why it would be wise to do so, but before I do that I thought I’d tell Anil why I’m not doing that…YET… 1) I don’t […]

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