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SMXLOMO – Day 2 – Introducing the Mobile Search Engines

Gary Price, Director of Online Information Resources,,

Marketing Speakers:
Omar Tawakol, Chief Advertising Officer, Medio
Matthew Snyder, Header of Business Development, Nokia
Brendan Benzing, Vice President Mobile Search and Marketing, InfoSpace
Matt Tengler, Senior Product Manager, JumpTap

Gary Price,, (awesome resource his full presentation)

Omar Tawakol, Medio

Mobile is a new media and there is an assumption that Internet players will dominate, this does not make sense. People thought TV companies would dominate the Internet. None of them are. Top spenders in mobile will not be the same as TV or Internet.

Browse the mobile Internet – the searches are still early in nature – downloadables.

On handset, downloadables, information and off-portal

Search ads are perceived differently. Banners are not content. Sponsored links have the same relevancy as other engines.

Matthew Snyder, Nokia

Fragmentation of media consumption

Rise of Advertising and Mobile

Mobile as a cross-media local interactive medium is emerging

Shift to Multimedia Computer

Opportunities in mobile search

Mobile phones will have as many full browsers in 2010 as PCs!!!

Embedded experience –

Medio was in this but is not now…

Discussed “active idol” concept.

Mobile is the ultimate advertising platform
– Personal however, double-edge sword
– Always-on
– Always with you serendipity
– Billing and payment is possible

Nokia Platform – syndications, syndications

Brendan Benzing, Infospace

MCore – portals, storefront, search, messaging and managed web

Has a partnership with Infogen in Israel

Accessed through – downloadables, mobile sites, www sites, vertical apps

Recently launched – Infospace Search at Sprint

Matt Tengler, Jumptap

– Mobile Search
– Mcommerce, operator storefront and operator, deck search solutions
– Full “off-deck” search capabilities across the mobile web and web

Deliver ALL content that is relevant to the user and capabilities of their handset

check out

Carrier intention platform

The iphone was never mentioned in this session – WOW!

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  1. Great coverage David. It’s always a pleasure to run into you. Take care.

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