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Nokia Nokia Nokia

So Nokia won the NAVTEQ derby – assuming there is not hostile takeover counter bid. This is one of my favorite acquisitions of 2007. Why? Quite simply, it’s a highly strategic move that I don’t think many will appreciate the importance of for quite some time.

The comments at Techcrunch are not only positive – they are all highly intelligent.

Clear positives:

– Ability to drive standards

– Ability to reprice a scarce resource

– Relationship acquisition in new markets that matter to Nokia like automobiles

– Clear indicator of my belief that Nokia is determined make serious attempt at being the world’s premier mobile search and advertising engine.

Concerns/Risks/Potential Mispricing:

– Lack of execution of deal due to anti-trust concerns

– Has Google been building it’s own Navteq-like map database?

– Transformation of revenue streams to Internet and mobile models with existing partners

– Corporate culture – the differences in the culture of these two companies could not be more different – can Nokia reconcile these without difficulty or disruption?

What are your thoughts? I’d like to hear them.

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