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KickStart Solves the Wrong Recruiting Problem

While I have not seen or used the reported Kickstart, Techcrunch described it in the following manner:

“Yahoo is reported to be working on a new social networking service that matches college students to employers.” (emphasis added)

This is not a knock on Yahoo!, but this is not solving the actual problem that the entire recruiting industry fails to address well – highly intelligent people with excellent life experiences that are applicable in many ways in the secondary market, what some people would call experienced hires. A marketplace that is badly broken and fails to hire the highest potential, most innovative candidates that are capable of creating new paradigms.

The high value problem is the getting the productive utilization of underutilized assets in the US economy in the roles they should be in already. These can be people with resume gaps due to the events of September 11th, the increasing usage of temporary workers using checklists of keywords who aren’t truly qualified to do the screening based on what matters education and competencies, suffer from an out of favor job title due to a reorganization in their company or increasingly can be subject matter experts who research extensively on their own and often write blogs. Or the fact that position searches simply take too long. I’ve been told of companies with some roles that have been open for three years and they’ve been interviewing people all of that time. I have personally have been involved in search that is over 9 months old.

If Yahoo! (or anyone else for that matter) wants to be a hero by building a hiring application, I highly suggest building an application that reduces the insane amounts of friction and dysfunction in the experienced hire marketplace that reduces cycle times. I’m working on a few ideas of my own with some amazing people. It would be a pleasure to be a part of creating the solution in this arena.

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George Reyes To Retire As Google CFO

Google just sent out the following announcement. One wonders if this is the first of many senior executive exits as certain post-IPO events and timelines are reached. Time will tell. It will be extremely interesting to see if they promote from within or go outside the firm. The following is form the Google press release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – August 28, 2007 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)
announced today that George Reyes has informed the company of his
intention to retire as Chief Financial Officer. Reyes indicated that
he will remain to assist in the search for a new CFO and to assure an
orderly transition, which Google expects will occur by the end of the

“I’ve known and admired George since our days together at Sun,” said
Google Chairman and CEO, Eric Schmidt. “As Google’s CFO, George
successfully navigated our innovative IPO, the regulatory demands of
Sarbanes-Oxley, and the management challenges of scaling a global
finance organization. Though we fully appreciate his decision to step
back from active management, we’ll miss his thoughtfulness, good humor
and wisdom.”

“Working at Google these past 5 and a half years has been an
extraordinary ride,” said George Reyes. “I’m honored and flattered to
have been a part of this great management team. I know I’m leaving the
company in good hands with a remarkable team of professionals that
will continue to build on Google’s tremendous achievements.”

“George has been a full partner in Google’s global growth and
development,” added Google co-founder, Larry Page. “He has done an
excellent job in keeping us financially disciplined while protecting
the best of our entrepreneurial culture.”

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WordPress 2.3 Beta 1

Wow, WordPress 2.3 Beta! Small problem I’ve still not migrated to 2.2 due to plugin incompatibility / instability – especially podpress. As I’ve stated before, I hope that many of these more complex plugins functionality gets integrated into the core of WordPress, reducing this painful upgrading issue.

So my question is this, does WordPress 2.3 work flawlessly with the following plugins? If not, when will if be incorporated into the main code or the plugin made compatible before release of WordPress 2.3?

Add Meta Tags 1.2
Akismet 2.0
Dagon Design Sitemap Generator 3.06
Feedburner Feed Replacement 2.2
Google Sitemaps 2.7.1
podPress 7.9 I’ve never upgraded to Podpress 8.2 or from WordPress 2.1.3 yet due to the problems reported

Recent Comments 2.1.1 beta
Related Posts
ST Add Related Posts to Feed .02
Subscribe To Comments 2.1.1
Trackback Validator 0.7.1
Wordpress PDA 1.0

Thank you for your attention to this important issue, I appreciate it deeply.

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Google to Present at the Citigroup Technology Conference

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – August 27, 2007 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)
announced today that Sundar Pichai, Director of Product Management,
and Nicholas Fox, Group Business Product Manager, will participate in
a question-and-answer session at the Citigroup Technology Conference
in New York. The session is scheduled for 4:10 p.m. Eastern Time /
1:10 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, September 6, 2007.

To access the live audio webcasts of the presentations, please visit:

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Bloglines Version 3.0 Beta Launched

Bloglines has relaunched with with a quicker and cleaner interface based on my short period of new usage this morning. I’m checking it out more right now. Gary Price has a nice summary of the new features at Resourceshelf and there is the official Bloglines announcement.

On a related topic, you may have noticed that I’ve relaunched my blog’s RSS feed using Feedburner’s Mybrand feature, I’ll be writing a more detailed post someday when I wrap up some last loose ends and have time.  The correct RSS feed that you should please switch to is now:

If you have a Bloglines account, please add my new feed to Bloglines. If you don’t, I’d ask that you please test out your new Bloglines account with my new feed as your test run.

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How the Credit Crunch Could be Good for Venture Capital and Other Sectors

There is discussion tonight around the blogosphere regarding the potentially positive impact of the credit crunch on the venture capital flows.

Based on the history of past cycles, like the post dot com bust and 9/11 era created the low interest rate environment that fueled the inappropriate allocation of capital to the housing market. Some would also argue this led to an overfunding of the private equity market. It’s likely a healthy development to see some of this capital shift to potentially higher return projects. The question is will they be Internet, green or mobile search/advertising related? Nobody can say for sure which one will take the lead. Fortunately, I’m in touch with some good ideas in all of these spaces if anyone is looking for early round ideas to fund.

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One Reason Why You Should Not Start a New Online Retailer

Greg Howlett over at Marketing Pilgrim has a post today entitled “Six reasons NOT to try to be an online retailer“. Some of the people who left comments haven’t agreed with the post in some areas.

I’d like to add an important reason to the conversation:

Mobile will eventually shift many online retail purchases to local purchases in the future which should eventually create a dampening of demand for the buy and ship model.