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Interesting Techmeme Visitors That Came to Read MyBlogLog News

There were interesting visitors that stopped by to read my MyBlogLog post! I thought you might like to learn about some of them.

First I wanted to report that this Techmeme only event had an average visitor page view of 3.23 yesterday.

Several months back, I had a major Digg event (Chicago Comcasted) had an average visitor page view of 2.35.

The MyBlogLog post had significantly lower page views overall, but had many other fresh posts written and indication of higher engagement. While you could draw other assumptions here, I’d rather wait to see some other data.

Below is a random sampling of some of the interesting readers that visited the site during the event:

Takuya Misawa, a Japanese Social Entrepreneur

Blog Potato, a site that is trying to build the world’s largest blogroll (feel free to sign up!)

Chris at 10e20, who envisioned a possible version of the rebranding back in January.

Cameron Barrett, someone who has had a blog dating back to 1997 at the urging of Dave Winer.

Stewart Mader, writer of Using Wiki in Education, which is a neat resource.

Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal, who whipped up a great post of his own on MyBlogLog (Always good to see you Loren!)

Roybn Tippins, who originally shared the MyBlogLog info with 100 people.

Ian Kennedy, who writes a blog called Flashpoint – he apparently shares my financial services background from his days at Lehman Brothers and currently works for Yahoo!

Chad Dickerson, who runs the Yahoo! Developer Network seems like a naturally networking and fun guy!

Mark Fulton, who among other things is an authority on domain name investments.

Jacob Share, owner of Jobmob.

Eric Berlin, the Online Media Cultist.

Patrick Schaber, The Lonely Marketer

Dan a “slacker” from Australia who authors The Wrong Advices.

The folks at the Weblog Tools Collection.

Brie from A New Wave of Thinking.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to get to know you all on a deeper level as time goes by. Please feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed if you have not already done so. Thanks! See you soon.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Techmeme Visitors That Came to Read MyBlogLog News

  1. Hi David,

    Nice to meet you too! That’s the beauty of MyBlogLog, it puts faces and names to your readers in way that no other service really can. The web is, ultimately, created by people and enhancing a service that brings people back into the equation is what intrigues me so much about this service. Stay tuned!


  2. David,
    Glad I found your site! I’ve subscribed and look forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog here!
    I’ll see you on LinkedinBloggers and MyBlogLog!

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