The Consumerist Vanishes From Technorati Again

Ben Popken’s blog the Consumerist has had this problem where it is not showing up in Technorati for quite some time.

Ben writes an amazing and passionate blog with outstanding content, much of it contributed by users. Ben was quite helpful to me when my Mom had a recent Comcast problem and got me in touch with the right people to fix the problem. Stated simply, he is a blogger that cares about much more than just himself and truly cares about creating a world where the consumer is treated both fairly and with respect.

We’ve written to Technorati and they’ve in fact added his blog – but Technorati has some programming glitch that keeps dropping his blog out of their index shortly thereafter no matter how many times they add it back. Based on that brief glimpse that Ben and I saw, The Consumerist was on the verge of becoming a Technorati 100 blog. Enough is enough, Technorati needs to fix this permanently as this blog is too good and too popular not to be properly indexed by Technorati.  


  1. Mathpoints - March 20, 2007

    Things We Don’t know about Technorati…

    We understand that there is no way we can get it perfect but do we know how accurate they are?…

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