Comcasted – Issues Almost Closed Out Now

The serious problems that my Mom and I had recently experienced with Comcast, explained in a post that was promoted to the Digg front page in this guest blog post from my Mom, are on the way to being resolved. We have received refund checks and are awaiting letters confirming that we do not owe Comcast any modems – at that point the case will be closed.

Ben over at the Consumerist saw the story and contacted the proper Comcast people on our behalf. Without that, it never would have gotten resolved, even with being on the Digg front page, this is most unfortunate. Comcast should compensate Ben for the services he provided to resolve an issue affecting their reputation management. Thanks again Ben, I appreciate your help and assistance.  

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  1. Sista j September 7, 2007 at 10:41 pm #

    I am having a serious problem with comcast as I am writing this to you. I am sooo disgusted with the lack of organization and lies from comcast I thinks I see RED… or should I say green ( going out of my purse) It is a good thing to see someone get their due reward. Thanks for the job you do and maybe I will get my issue rsolved in a timely matter.!!!!

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