Shel Holtz on Podcasting at Ragan PR conference

Shel Holtz is the second Shel in my life who studies social media. The other is Shel Israel. Shel Holtz refers to Shel Isreal as “Shel #1” due to his superior age characteristics.

“Podcasting is Tivo for audio.”

Podshow is a network of shows. Yahoo!, iTunes, Podcast Alley are other alternatves.

There are a lot of people out there who aren’t technically savvy. 11% of adults have downloaded a podcast. 35-44 is 45% of penetration area – dismisses the myth that podcasting is only for Generation Y.

Podcast listeners are:
– Educated
– Affluent
– Trend Leaders

Niche focused – listen to relevant content

Podcasts are detachable from your computer – iPod, etc. I listen to podcasts when I’m walking my dog, sitting in airport tool. Audio is the only communication channel that you can do while listening to something else.

Allows you to listen while doing something else.

Podcasting has low barriers to entry. I learned how to do it in under and hour.

Podcasting facts:
– 20,000 independent podcasts
– Podcasting community is supportive
– Has it’s own conference
– Spawned the “podsafe music” field (Pod Safe Music Network – let people know you  use it and they are happy)
– Support services emerging only charges you for file storage (monthly fee)

IBM Podcast – Investment Relations Department – talks with different thought leaders around the company. – talks about the future of press

Nearly all podcasts are free.

Producing a podcast is about setting a consistent format.
– One host or co-hosts
– Interviews
– Segments?
– In the field

Mix/minus – gets rid of latency.

Eliminate glitches

Secrets of Successful Podcasting:
– Unscripted and natural
– Regular
– No overt selling
– Housed on a blog
– Listener feedback encouraged and incorporated
– Employ other forms of engagement

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