44 Seconds of Youtube for All!

Lee Gomes at the Wall Street Journal wrote an interesting article today regarding the usage of Youtube talked Johan Pouwelse, a Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Anita Elberse, a Harvard Business School professor and Andrew M. Odlyzko, a mathematician who heads the Digital Technology Center at the University of Minnesota.

Based on the figure provided of 9305 years, each person on earth has watched 44 seconds of video:

Years                           9,305
* Days                             365
Total Days               3,396,325
* Hours                              24
* Minutes                            60
* Seconds                      60
Seconds of Video 293,442,480,000
Earth’s Population   6,644,395,948
Seconds of Youtube  
per everyone on earth
      44 seconds
percent estimated US            0.70 
US Population             299,605,719 
Seconds of Youbtube per 
US Population
   686 seconds or 11:26


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