SES Day 2 Blog & Feed Search SEO

Amanda Wallington: Customize template, use plugins, tweak your keyword lists, your copy needs theme, pay attention to titlesSteps to keyword rich content

– Write post, focusing on message

– Review your keyword list

– Include a keyword intense and concise phrasing


– Flattery of other blogs


– Turn pinging on, claim your feed.

UtilizeThese Products:

– Feedburner

– FeedCraft

– Nooked

– Measuremap

– Sitemeter

– Technorati

Rick Klau:

IE7 about to launch

–  Integrated feed reader – large implications for RSS distribution

– Auto-discovery must be well-configured

TechMeme shows a trend in “meme” tracking

– Favors full text feeds

Style Sheets Helping Feed Usability

– Raw code is going away!

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