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44 Seconds of Youtube for All!

Lee Gomes at the Wall Street Journal wrote an interesting article today regarding the usage of Youtube talked Johan Pouwelse, a Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, Anita Elberse, a Harvard Business School professor and Andrew M. Odlyzko, a mathematician who heads the Digital Technology Center at the University of Minnesota. Based on the figure provided of 9305 […]

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Mobile Marketing/Search – Open Thread – Comment Away!

I’m researching mobile marketing and mobile search, a lot, lately. There are articles everywhere you loop like like this. The following are opinions I seek: – What do you want to see on your mobile device? – What don’t you want to see on your mobile device (perhaps more important actually)? – What companies are […]

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Guy Kawasaki Interview

Thomas Mulready of interviews Guy Kawasaki via podcast as Guy will be visiting Cleveland on September 6th for a speech. Thomas talks to Guy about “Art of the Start”: – evangelist – used more than ever in job sites – Xerox Parc and mouse and graphical user interface – the mass of inertia that […]

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Danny Sullivan to leave SES and SEW

Yes, Danny Sullivan is leaving SES and SEW. The rumors that he is leaving to build the world’s largest design firm of flash web sites are unfounded! Please do a blogroll lesson here and update your blogrolls to, many people change primary blogs and the blogrollers don’t follow. For example Robert Scoble’s old blog […]

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Yahoo!, Ebay, Google = Strangeness

Am I the only one who is confused by the action to sign an agreement with Google by Ebay less than three months after being acknowledged on stage at the Yahoo! annual shareholders meeting? Is this a result of the recent Yahoo! platform delay? What is really going on here? To refresh your memory, you […]

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Google Maps Local Indexing Time Less Than 2 Weeks

I posted my information on the day they rolled out the local listing and coupon service. It appeared when I checked today in less than two weeks, since they said it could take up to 4 it exceeded the low expectation set. Two weeks, Google did you reinvent Internet time?

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Shel Israel says Dell warned customers about the Sony hot battery problem. However, I’ve got to say not good enough here. In fact my Dell laptop does run hot. When I got a recall notice on my car once, they mailed me a letter and notified me directly. What a concept actual communication to the affected customer.  Dell […]

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