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8 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Bena Roberts to write 8 Random Things About Me from Paul Ruppert’s original meme. Let’s get to it!

– I love scientific wonders! In Arizona there are many that are well known, like the Grand Canyon or Sedona. But I prefer the unlimited prickly pear lemonade, cactus and scenic beauty of Tuscon, Arizona Highways or my personal overlooked favorite Sunset Crater National Monument! Whale watching in Bar Harbor, Maine is awesome. In Alberta, Drumheller and Lake Louise/Banff are just gorgeous to experience. The west coast surrounding Seattle, northern California and elsewhere is also great, I hope to experience Alaska someday, it’s one of the 14 states I’ve not yet visited.

impressionists I love art, most often that is Impressionist art! When I was younger this meant Claude Monet exclusively. Then I saw Camille Pissaro’s exhibition of “The Impressionist in the City”, a tight cluster of paintings all about the city all from the 1890’s. I was blown away by it! Since then I’ve learned about how he was a collaborator among his peers and frequently experimented and innovated a bit from the efforts of each style. He was poor almost all his life, but always pursued what he loved to do! Pissarro is highly inspirational to me and I try to draw from his philosophies in my start up activities. You should check out some of his print galleries here and here. Also, there is currently an exhibition in Milwaukee “Pissarro: Creating the Impressionist Landscape” until September 9th, 2007. The exhibition then moves onto to the Brooks Museum in Memphis.

– I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears, Chicago BlackHawks and Chicago Cubs. Yes, two out of three of those is kinda depressing sometimes. Well OK it’s downright sad! Bright spots in there include many memories of Walter Payton, Steve Larmer (you belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame!) and Ryne Sandberg. I miss Chicago Stadium (should have been an untouchable landmark)) but still have Wrigley Field.

– I’ve presently lived in three different North American metropolitan areas: Chicago, Cleveland and New York City. I love traveling and living in different cities as it opens your mind to different ways of thinking about life and approaching the world. I hope to one day live in other cities to gain even more perspectives perhaps even internationally!

When I lived in New York City, I worked for BlackRock during it’s 80 to 800 person growth phase, this is why I covet being part of highly entrepreneurial environment, whether that is a start up or a highly innovative division of larger company. On BlackRock, I think most people still don’t fully understand how revolutionary this company was from a technical architecture, data redesign, customer service innovation and revenue diversification standpoint. I’ve often said I’d trade my MBA before I’d trade that amazing work experience and I truly mean it. I look forward to being a critical piece of a company like BlackRock again someday!

– I’m fascinated with history, both from a business, innovation and society perspective. There are many great lessons of the past that can be utilized in new situations to make wiser decisions. Peter Drucker is an idol of mine from an innovation and customer listening standpoint. The Chief Marketing Officer of the future will combine many new elements with traditional elements to create first in class experiences.

– I love meteorology! I almost studied full-time when I was in college. I think that weather events will play a critical role in some of the trigger point variables in the coming era of mobile search marketing and mobile advertising and it is one of the many key relevancy factors I’ve identified that can make a big difference. I’m quite excited by this convergence.

– I love to find the best grub around. Whether it’s fine dining like New York’s Union Square Cafe, pizza, ribs, a kick ass burger or things unique to a place like Italian Beef in Chicago or corned beef in Cleveland. You can be sure that if the food is top notch you can likely attract me there to chat!

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