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MyBlogLog Migrates to Yahoo ID’s

Robyn Tippins announced last night that Mybloglog now utilizes Yahoo! ID. That’s quite nice! 🙂

I’m waiting and hoping for Yahoo! to do two things with Yahoo! ID:

1) Allow me to be in Yahoo! Mail and one click to Mybloglog or Flickr or whatever and vice versa.

2) Allow me (or anyone else) to change their Yahoo! ID while retaining all of their data, photos, email etc. Many people have Yahoo! IDs that have a combination of spam or that name isn’t relevant to them anymore disease. I’d prefer to change the name and retain all of the data and settings. I’d love for Yahoo! to add this user centric change.

Congrats to the Mybloglog team on the continuing transitions!

1 thought on “MyBlogLog Migrates to Yahoo ID’s

  1. It sounds like you want Yahoo to work like Yahoo with “login sessions”. There is good and bad when it comes to having a stateless connection. For one Yahoo will tie your search results to what they know about you. I’m not saying that they do, but they would be crazy not too.

    I prefer to have to log into each service as I use it. I don’t like my accounts linked.


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