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Askimet Comment Issues

On Monday, January 1, 2007, there was some kind of problem that classified any comment I made on a WordPress blog (Techcrunch, Scoble, my own blog – David Dalka – Chicago GSB, etc) as spam. Yikes!

The problem seems to be fixed as of this morning but it’s disturbing to me as it’s obviously happened to others before and the process to fix it is not transparent. I don’t know whether it was my name, e-mail or domain that was a problem, the IP address didn’t appear to be the problem as I used an Internet connection on another ISP and got the same result.

Last week, this issue caused Danny Sullivan to post this regarding a conversation with Blake Ross:

“For some balance, below is the comment I added to Blake’s post. Akismet seems to have eaten it initially, as it routinely does to my comments on blog that use that system to catch comment spam [I commented about this here. Can’t see it? Ironically, it was probably eaten].”

Open Issues:
1) The trouble ticket on was not an optimal experience as I never received communication back – the concern is the feedback form itself looks like a comment form on a blog – was my trouble ticket treated as spam too?
2) I still don’t know what caused this or why it happened
3) I’m not at all confident it won’t happen again

If people like Danny Sullivan and myself are having significant trouble with this problem, imagine the frustration of the average blogger, who likely has no clue what Askimet even is let alone the organizations involved. The post by Matt Mullenweg seems to be a cop out(I hope this is not the case). False positives in any number regarding spam are simply unacceptable. They can cause frustration as a poster, they can cause also serious damage to your reputation if people wrongly think you are deleting their posts. This is an unacceptable state.

Is WordPress listening to what customers want? I don’t know and will take a wait and see attitude. So let’s wait a month and see if this problem still exists before drawing any conclusions.

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Best Blog Post of 2006 (non-search engine related)

On October 9th, I wrote this about Kathy Sierra’s “Knocking the Exuberance Out of Employees”.

It’s a great post and it relates to a lot of problems in the business world in terms of having innovative customer service. Let’s hope her post prompted some people to realize that operating in this manner is a mistake.


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The Growing Conversation Debunking the “Social Media Is Dead” Post by Steve Rubel

Karl Long has a great post on this where he encourages others to chime in on this issue. Follow his links.

If you are pressed for time, Jeremiah Owyang has a nice summary of the blogoshere reaction.

I think the issue of leadership that is able to constantly adapt to change is going to get bigger and bigger and eventually a new breed of corporate leader will be brought in, one who listens and constantly innovates.

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Andy McKee Featured on Youtube Front Page!

I first met Andy McKee at an acoustic music festival in Kansas in 2003. He is among several awesome fingerstyle guitar players including Tommy Emmanuel (see my Tommy Emmanuel interview), Neil Jacobs, Brian Henke, Peppino D’Agostino and others that don’t get mass media exposure. For several years these great players have labored with little or no media love. Yet when they play – some people will drive hundreds of miles to witness the art. It is a strange contradiction indeed.

One of Andy’s videos “Drifting” made it onto the front page of Youtube this week and has now received over 700,000 views! While it’s great that this occurred, it’s a sad reminder of a broken music industry that categorizes people much the same limiting way online recruiting does, not being seen by all of the people who might be interested in the competencies and skill set that a person offers! It’s great when you start to see these barriers and limiting beliefs starting to be broken, hopefully 2007 will be the year we see this happen in not only music, but also recruiting as well. If you like this video be sure to check out his remake of Toto’s “Africa”.