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Nokia N800 Convergence Product Manger Interview Victor Brilon

While at the recent CTIA conference, I met Victor Brilon and his immensely helpful Nokia publicist. We shared a dynamic conversation that was amazingly informative regarding Nokia and it’s unique ideas regarding the various types of emerging Internet convergence. The Nokia N800 is a device that is clearly “on the other side of the chasm” as Victor proudly describes it. In the time that has followed my visit to CTIA two themes have emerged regarding Nokia 1) They understand the blogosphere and see a significant event in convergence coming and are preparing for these possibilities and 2) The frame I saw when at their booth was one of company who views themselves as “more than just a device maker”. I like that point of view.

Please enjoy my attempt to recreate the magic of my first unplanned meeting with Victor via this podcast. I welcome your feedback on the discussion from yourself and others, especially in regards to your thoughts on the vision for convergence. Thanks!

Listen to the interview: Nokia_N800_Victor_Brilon

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CES 2007

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SES Chicago 2006 – Day 1 – Podcast and Audio Optimization

Amanda Wallington, Searching for Profit
Podcasting is more than time shifted media.

Optimizing is using only a few steps.

Do some front end homework:
– Make sure the name of your show is not already in use
– Not as easy to check as a domain name
– Get art radio
– Review iTunes categories for where you fit
– Be prepared to edit audio tags yourself for each audio file

Steps for success:
– Optimize the sound by Optimizing the ID3 Tags
– Optimize Your Podcast Landing Pages – show,  abstract, etc.
– Build accurate, effective RSS files
– Track and monitor your feeds
– Track and Monitor Submissions, watch for changes
Daron Babin, Webmaster Radio
Production Time
Cost of Production
Equipment (Recording, Compression, etc)
Encoding can be a pain

They are listening…if you are compelling!

Lilsteners do not want to know your dietary strengths or weaknesses.

They don’t want to know about the dog needing be neutered.

Without someone who can handle load, then distribution will be an issue

Tools to Measure Growth – you need them

Become a Pioneer – transcribe everything, Leave no word unspoken…text equity.

Originality and passion equals downloads.

Get to your numbers. 
Rick Klau, VP Publisher Services, Feedburner

Not everyone uses iTunes
Metadata is essential for discovery

The subscription process blows

Get your feeds out there

Ping, ping, ping…

Feedburner now manages 70,000+ podcasts

Consumption is happening everywhere, not just iTunes

Directories – both publicity and consumption

– Create a feed…
– Add iTunes/Media RSS extensions (Smartcast)
– Show notes are criminally underused (60% find a higher traffic through show notes)
– Enable “Pingshot”
– Ensure Auto-delivery is enabled (important)

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Danny Sullivan to Continue with SES (Official)

Incisive Media and Danny Sullivan today announced that both parties have signed an agreement to continue to work together to produce the market-leading Search Engine Strategies series of conferences and exhibitions.

This past August, Danny Sullivan, who has always been an independent contractor, announced his intention to step away from active involvement with SES at the end of 2006. Since then, both parties have remained in contact and have reached an accord to extend their relationship through 2007.

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Shel Holtz on Podcasting at Ragan PR conference

Shel Holtz is the second Shel in my life who studies social media. The other is Shel Israel. Shel Holtz refers to Shel Isreal as “Shel #1” due to his superior age characteristics.

“Podcasting is Tivo for audio.”

Podshow is a network of shows. Yahoo!, iTunes, Podcast Alley are other alternatves.

There are a lot of people out there who aren’t technically savvy. 11% of adults have downloaded a podcast. 35-44 is 45% of penetration area – dismisses the myth that podcasting is only for Generation Y.

Podcast listeners are:
– Educated
– Affluent
– Trend Leaders

Niche focused – listen to relevant content

Podcasts are detachable from your computer – iPod, etc. I listen to podcasts when I’m walking my dog, sitting in airport tool. Audio is the only communication channel that you can do while listening to something else.

Allows you to listen while doing something else.

Podcasting has low barriers to entry. I learned how to do it in under and hour.

Podcasting facts:
– 20,000 independent podcasts
– Podcasting community is supportive
– Has it’s own conference
– Spawned the “podsafe music” field (Pod Safe Music Network – let people know you  use it and they are happy)
– Support services emerging only charges you for file storage (monthly fee)

IBM Podcast – Investment Relations Department – talks with different thought leaders around the company. – talks about the future of press

Nearly all podcasts are free.

Producing a podcast is about setting a consistent format.
– One host or co-hosts
– Interviews
– Segments?
– In the field

Mix/minus – gets rid of latency.

Eliminate glitches

Secrets of Successful Podcasting:
– Unscripted and natural
– Regular
– No overt selling
– Housed on a blog
– Listener feedback encouraged and incorporated
– Employ other forms of engagement

Hobson & Holtz

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Getting noticed in the new word-of-mouth network

Robert Scoble: Keynote Speech: Naked Conversations

Talks about history, blogs are best way to get stuff indexed in Google.

There is an informal conversation network. Tells the story about how a few people he told that he was leaving Microsoft. How that spread and then a largely unread blog was the one that first posted it is why you need to pay attention to *ALL* bloggers, not just him.

Talking to bloggers is more important than covering Walt Mossberg.

People who read blogs are far more likely to click and take action.

The auto blog reader is more likely to click through to other auto sites.

Most people understand search engines. Talks about and how people search “Yahoo” and vice versa. It demonstrates that it’s a Google world.

If you pipes are leaking, you need a plumber. So you type in “Chicago plumber leak” and you need to be on the top of the organic search results. Links are important and so are other things. Changing the content every day helps the algorithms. Blogs, due to the frequency of content update are excellent tools to do this.

He talks about the plumber blog that gets link due to the knowledge. Also talks about how he got a ripped off once with a carpet and is blog entry ranked higher than the company.

A dirty secret about Google is that the ad click through rate is lower there du to the higher educational level of a typical Google user.

People will link to audio and video more than they will text. Suggested video press releases. Be different. Hugh’s cartoon’s are different. Video and Flickr and other sites can create buzz.

Talked about the “Dell Hell” issue. (strangely few in the room had heard of it – shows how far we have to go) Tells the well known Jeff Jarvis story.

Talks about how to listen. (I would say this is Robert’s biggest gift)

Then gave examples of how he linked to complaints directly when he joined Microsoft, fascinating!

Currently, HP story is a great example. They have not listened to the blogosphere. It is making the ethics crisis there worse.

Every project should have a story behind it. Talked about channel 9 naming story and how Microsoft built transparency. The PR folks didn’t pay attention to our blogs and Channel 9 until we were in the New York Times. It’s so funny how that works. Tells more about telling good stories and how important that it. It’s all about story telling process.

If you post something it shows up in my RSS aggregator. Using RSS is far more productive!

How do I get my content viewed in new places…talked about second life.

Valleywag recently wrote about a bad pitch. Democracy Now, Z Fank, Ipod can aggregate. Steve Jobs used Rocketboom to do the recent Apple launch.    

Again, HP – where is the engagement in the ethical issues?

Ragan PR conferece 2006

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Kevin Lee Discusses MSN Adcenter

During the ACCM Show, I caught up with the top frog, Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Did It Search Marketing. Kevin was in attendance at the recent MSN Strategic Account Summit 2006 and shares that experience and his thoughts on other recent events.

Kevin is among the many people who have been both accepting and helpful to me as I’ve immersed myself into the industry, gone through exponential learning and have looked to define and obtain the role in which I will add the most value to a search engine, digital agency or other area of this vibrant and constantly changing community.

This podcast has been retired due to the aging of the material – If you wish to hear it please email me – June 27, 20007