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Professor Eric Clemons: Time for Some New Senior Vice Presidents?

Danny Sullivan made a great reply to this Eric Clemons’ previous post on TechCrunch today. As you know, I’ve been pretty quiet here on my blog lately. I’ve been busy on the phone, organizing speaking, planning a book and talking to people about really changing the world either as an executive and/or as a consultant […]

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Speaking Of Facebook – It Needs Change Management of Customer Service

There has been some discussion today of Facebook’s business model. Forget about monetization, can Facebook survive without any useful customer service improvements? While 98% of the service works great on autopilot, there is absolutely zero customer service for the things where you do need help. I don’t mean bad customer service, I mean there is […]

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How To Reorganize Management For Social Media, Search Marketing and Internet Advertising

Every once in a while Robert Scoble puts down the camera and writes an amazingly thought provoking blog post. Not a perfect post, but one that makes you think about the state of things. Scoble’s comparison of certain VCs to big companies struck a chord with me due a speech I’m working on. I’d like […]

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If You Were Recruiting An Acoustic Guitar Player…Tommy Emmanuel

If you were going to recruit an acoustic guitar player, what attributes would you seek? If you were recruiting in the traditional manner, you’d seek these attributes: – college degree in music – experience working for an orchestra or band – experience in an educational institution as a music teacher But if you were looking […]

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HR Technology Conference : Lehman Brothers Leverages Recruiting Beyond Talent Acquisition

Heather Redderson, VP, Global Talent Technologies, Lehman Brothers Derek Mercer, CEO, Vurv Technologies When I saw this description I knew I had to attend this session… The HR systems at Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest investment bank in the world, have traditionally been siloed, probably just like yours. But, competing with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, […]

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Jason Alba Author – I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???

Recently I blogged about how retained recruiting firm executive search activity on Linkedin was rising. Maybe they got an advance of Jason Alba‘s new book, I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???, and started putting the concepts to immediate good use! I had this to say about the book: “Jason has written a highly practical guide […]

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LinkedIn View Quality Rising After Non Eventful September 11

I logged into my Linkedin panel the other day and saw top tier retained search firms viewing my profile…I’ve had several other recent experiences that I can’t make public that seem to indicate a healthy reallocation of capital away from the mortgage and housing market is occurring and may in fact be accelerating after a […]

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