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Wall Street Journal Says Google “Stumbles” in Video

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an awesome article about Video ads and discusses MSN’s early dominance. The article states: “MSN’s early success positions the portal to benefit from the explosion in online video advertising now under way. It also raises questions about Google Inc.’s ability to maintain its stranglehold on Internet advertising.” “Advertisers say there […]

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Steve Ballmer Speaks – Should Steve Spin Off MSN?

There is an interview in the Wall Street Journal today with Steve Ballmer. First I’d like to say that I wish they would have hired me to do the interview as it was mostly a rehash of many things Steve has already said save the Bill Gates is leaving and how does this affect you. For […]

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Shally Steckerl: Leadership Recruiting Innovator

Through my participation in during my amazing transition and discovery period, I’ve gotten to know some extremely interesting people. One of those people is Shally Steckerl (, a leading innovator in use of data mining and reverse viral marketing techniques for recruiting purposes. Alright David, just why the heck are you interviewing a recruiting […]

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Being Able to Trust…Even Without Disclosure

I recently read Robert Scoble’s and Shel Israel’s book “Naked Conversations”. It’s a great book. In fact I’m currently writing a positive review for it for a publication due to it being well researched and fascinating in terms of its’ leadership and change management implications. It earned my respect due to the extensive research that […]

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Online E-mail Service Reliability Needs Improvement

At present, I have 4 web-based e-mail accounts, Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail/, Yahoo! Mail and my University of Chicago Graduate School of Business “Email4Life” account. I can now discuss the issue without being accused of favoritism or bias because all four of the organizations above have now done this recently. This is the issue of […]

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The Motley Fool Suggests Google is “Killing the Internet”

So far this month there have been two noteworthy pieces written about click fraud and related issues. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blogs that click fraud is “FAR greater” than imagined. Quite an interesting read and one coming from a wealthy Internet pioneer to boot. It’s clear that he has a strong opinion on this subject. […]

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I’m #1!!! (literally)

With the most recent index in Google, my site is now in the #1 position on Google and MSN for the term “David Dalka”. I’m also #2 on Yahoo! It’s impossible to isolate the influence of blog crawlers versus new links to this site, though it would be interesting to know which played a stronger […]

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