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Sociable 2.0 Plugin Release Interview: Peter Harkins

Please bookmark as “Sociable 2.0 Interview” – Thanks! I first met Peter Harkins in person at Barcamp Chicago in the Summer of 2006. As I’ve gotten to know him, he knows far more than just coding, as he appreciates and participates constructively in conversations about business strategy and monetization. It’s a winning combination. The response […]

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Making It Easier for Blogs to Link to Blogs Instead of News Sites

So Robert Scoble got upset the other day about people linking to major media sites instead of other blogs. It seemed interesting to me. I started to think about the issues involved, mostly because it didn’t seem like natural behavior. But then it hits you like a brick, all of the major search engines have […]

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Bill Hanekamp talk about

Jason Jacobson at the Chicagoland Entreprenuership Center invited me to see a presentation on Microsite’s this morning by Bill Hanekamp. I left the conversation believing that microsites are an underutilized tool that help enable potentially viral and social media content. They are underutilized most in the B2B world where you do some interesting things to […]

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Best Blog Post of 2006 (non-search engine related)

On October 9th, I wrote this about Kathy Sierra’s “Knocking the Exuberance Out of Employees”. It’s a great post and it relates to a lot of problems in the business world in terms of having innovative customer service. Let’s hope her post prompted some people to realize that operating in this manner is a mistake. […]

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Google’s Mobile Ad Guidelines Page

I recently noticed that Google started a Mobile Ads guideline page. The following is of great interest to me: “Follow proper grammar conventions. You may use common text message abbreviations.” I’d like to see some more detail about what is meant exactly by “You may use common text message abbreviations.” The #1 result for “text […]

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SES Chicago – Day 2 – Yahoo! Search Marketing Lunchtime Panel

John Slade speaks to an overflow crowd… Says “Thank You!” to existing customers Thanks people who have been early adopters Web Publishers – everyone is a publisher in some way, even if they don’t think they are. Consumer Context – Keep it in perspective The Four Questions: – How do I reach my desired audience? […]

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SES Chicago 2006 – Day 1 – Podcast and Audio Optimization

Amanda Wallington, Searching for Profit Podcasting is more than time shifted media. Optimizing is using only a few steps. Do some front end homework: – Make sure the name of your show is not already in use – Not as easy to check as a domain name – Get art radio – Review iTunes categories […]

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