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Marketing Channel Business Strategy Reallocation Management: Where Are You?

The other day Google (GOOG) had it’s earnings call, Google stated that a primary agenda for 2010, in addition to mobile, was display advertising. Yes, you read that right, display advertising.  Display? Yahoo 2.0? After the call one had to think about how non-targeted and potentially wasteful advertising spend could potentially be harmful to corporate […]

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TECH cocktail CONFERENCE Chicago – Creating Change For The Future

Wow! That was tiring, I stepped on the L at 7:30AM and didn’t get home until 1:30AM the next morning! 18 hours of pure madness! Most people noticed the great speeches by Gary Vee from Wine Library TV and Dick Costolo (aka ask the wizard) and others. But what I really appreciated was the other […]

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Winners of 11th Annual ad:tech Awards

ad:tech announced the winners of the of the 11th annual ad:tech awards. Congrats to all of the successful winners! The 2008 Industry Achievers: Pete Blackshaw (Executive VP, Digital Strategic Services, Nielsen Online) has been an industry leader since co-leading p&g’s interactive marketing efforts. He founded, coined the term “consumer-generated media,” and co-founded the Word-of-Mouth […]

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Net.Finance 2008: Jon Kaplan of Google – YouTube and Financial Services

Before I post about Jon’s interesting session, I’ll note that it’s important that marketers considering using this channel read my post on YouTube Video Optimization as there are many highly unique search engine optimization techniques that can improve your success in this area. Jon Kaplan’s talk starts here: Youtube was founded at a dinner party […]

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Business Week Article – So Many Ads, So Few Clicks

Nice article talking about he decline in click through rates of ads.  It includes this statement: But as responsiveness declines, ad targeting grows more attractive. Marketers see increases of 30% to 300% in click rates when ads are customized based on criteria such as the location, content of Web pages visited, or information researched on […]

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eComXpo is October 9,10,11, 2007

Chicagoland’s very own eComXpo is October 9,10,11, 2007. You can join the fun and learning from anywhere in the world though! eComXpo is the premier virtual Internet Marketing conference that is FREE to attend. I’ve also had the honor of speaking there previously. It’s a great resource for learning Internet marketing concepts and networking. Register […]

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SES San Jose 2007 Day 1 – Post-Search Marketing Ads

Search Engine Marketing Speakers: Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Dave Carberry, Director of Search Marketing, Michael Benedek, VP-Business Development, AlmondNet Richard Frankel, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Yahoo! Kevin Lee Tap the intent of the searcher. Search is the greatest indicator of a consumers needs. Engines have the greatest leverage as they […]

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