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Jim Stroud Gives Me Shelter

I stepped into the Recruiter’s Lounge with Jim Stroud, he interviewed me briefly about my experience with Intellext and my attendance next week at the Online Recruiting Conference here in Chicago.

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I’m Outside The “Frothy Bubble 2.0”

Why do I love holiday weekends? Because the major media goes home and there is a ton of great blog posts out there based on people’s core thoughts everywhere I look (including my blog) instead of the major media discussion follow on. In fact, why does David Sifry of Technorati make the mistake of classifying […]

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Guy Kawasaki Interview

Thomas Mulready of interviews Guy Kawasaki via podcast as Guy will be visiting Cleveland on September 6th for a speech. Thomas talks to Guy about “Art of the Start”: – evangelist – used more than ever in job sites – Xerox Parc and mouse and graphical user interface – the mass of inertia that […]

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Commercializing Software Ideas via Crowd Wisdom

My friend Peter Harkins has joined this new place called Cambrian House. They are based in Calgary, I’d love to do some marketing for these folks as a trip to Banff or Drumheller would be oh so nice! “Cambrian House’s mission is to discover and commercialize software ideas through the wisdom and participation of crowds. […]

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Entrepreneurs Sharing Ideas = Success

Eariler this week, I posted the 7 Reasons Crazy Egg will be Successful. Leading that list is that Crazy Egg was transparent to the world about it’s plans for the service from day 1. Ironically a few days later, Hiten Shah of Crazy Egg showed me a new site, buildv1, for connecting entrepreneurs. I looked through all of it’s blog […]

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Intellext – Dr. Jay Budzik and CEO Al Wasserberger

I sat down with founder Dr. Jay Budzik and CEO Al Wasserberger of Intellext late last week. They vividly explained how Watson helps people change their search experience from active to passive. They are finding new users, early adopters in information technology, bloggers and journalists. If you are looking for Shakira tickets at the United […]

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My Next Big Gig

Lots of people ask me for details of what my next leadership role would look like. They want to know my ideas for using traditional sales, marketing and business development in conjuction with strategies to build passionate users and use attendance of events, networking with influencers and blogging about the events themselves to put focus […]

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