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No Amount Of Paid Lobbyist Dollars Can Prevent Content Revolution

Brian Solis checked in with a guest post on TechCrunch this morning regarding the disclosure debate. To be clear, it’s a thoughtful post and I don’t disagree with anything materially in what was said. So why write about this? I find the entire conversation to be 100% completely unnecessary. First a story. When I was […]

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eComXpo is October 9,10,11, 2007

Chicagoland’s very own eComXpo is October 9,10,11, 2007. You can join the fun and learning from anywhere in the world though! eComXpo is the premier virtual Internet Marketing conference that is FREE to attend. I’ve also had the honor of speaking there previously. It’s a great resource for learning Internet marketing concepts and networking. Register […]

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Arrington’s Post on Email Interfaces…

Interesting post, notice how the comments are way higher than normal? To me that indicates passion on a topic and need for improvement. I still wish someone would put signatures on top of replies and that everyone had automated spell checks that worked well.

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An Example of the World’s Data Crisis

The World Trade Center had one zip code, 10048. Five years later after their destruction, mail of all kinds arrives there daily! It’s an all too sad and vivid reminder of the crisis in our society with businesses not putting priority on cleaning data. This happens every day with catalogs sent to people who have moved or are now deceased. […]

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Email crisis!!!

Yahoo! and Gmail both need to put work into their e-mail software. I’ve outlined this in previous posts. Yesterday was the last straw though.  My Yahoo! webmail lets spam through that it shouldn’t – all the time – while classifying real email as spam. Yet yesterday I was told that an email from a relatively new gmail […]

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Southwest Props for Customer Listening – Kinda Sorta

Everyone has heard the rumors about Southwest moving to assigned seating. They gave me the impression that they were clearly listening this morning for a moment or two. I was sent an e-mail asking me to vote on the issue (Including using my frequent flyer number to create integrity) – though the questions were not detailed […]

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Online E-mail Service Reliability Needs Improvement

At present, I have 4 web-based e-mail accounts, Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Hotmail/, Yahoo! Mail and my University of Chicago Graduate School of Business “Email4Life” account. I can now discuss the issue without being accused of favoritism or bias because all four of the organizations above have now done this recently. This is the issue of […]

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