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Google Video Migrates to the Google Home Page

In this post on July 20th, I predicted that Google Video would appear on the homepage soon. However, I guessed wrong on it replacing Images. At first, I’m surprised that Froggle was what was removed. After thinking about it more I shouldn’t be, Google Checkout migrates to the back end of process what Froggle did upfront. If […]

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SES Day 1 – Social Search – Up Close With Yahoo!

Tim Mayer opens the session – reviews items from previous session. Yumio – Yahoo Answers! Quantifying human knowledge. Yahoo! Answers is a collective site. Better knowledge through people. Y! answers compliments web search, giving results that a user may not think about. Provide content and material that. Culture of sharing. People like to share. Remote […]

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SES Day 1 – Social Search Overview

Chris Sherman made introduction speech I cant stress enough that he did a really *amazing* job of planning the session and laying out the issues. Major props. Social Search goes back to the first days of the Internet. – first directory. Directories were the first forms of social media. Spammers destroyed the first directories […]

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SES Day 1 – Social Search : Up Close With Google

I never did catch the marketing speakers name….sorry! Google Co-op – Subscribe links. This is new types of content and new types of information. Building socialized search. Example of subscribed links flight stats: Instyle Magazine, Search Engine Watch and Digg are good examples. You have control over how they work. Fresh content is important. Target […]

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Introducing 3.0

Lately, Google has been showing that is it participating in customer listening. This is good! I hope it continues. Since I’ve started studying search engine marketing these past full months full time, I’ve been applying to Google – even with employee referrals of former co-workers and people I’ve met at Search Engine Strategies, etc. with […]

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Wordcamp in San Fran Today!

Wordcamp is today in San Fran. I would go if the airfare to go to the Search Engine Strategies wouldn’t have been double to do so. Bummer. Hopefully Neal Patel will grab my XL tshirt that I had reserved. I will sadly miss speeches on Blog Promotion and Writing a Compelling Blog, State of the […]

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Yahoo Concerns About It’s “Corporate Blog”

I have always loved Yahoo! I want them to succeed. I love that Yahoo! launched a corporate blog! There are a few areas of concern from my future vantage point as a Chief Customer Officer of an innovative and creative organization though that I’d like to work to iron out. Top 10 9 Questions the […]

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