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Dell Opens a “Blog”

Dell opened a blog at that no longer exists. I put blog in quotes because: It has moderated comments, no trackback ability and has numerous posts that are product pushes. Here is what they should have done, one post admitting to mistakes of the past, saying we want to change, we want to listen and […]

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Chicago Sun-Times, Where are the Trackbacks?

The Chicago Sun-Times has launched some blogs this year that allow both comments. BRAVO!!! I’ll reward them by joining their conversations: Most Dissapointing Cub – Dusty Baker Edit: Actually, the trackback feature seems not to work even though it is displayed and I changed the title of this post. This is most unfortunate. They should open […]

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IABC Poll Results and Worse Data

Shel Israel just posted an interesting poll that says many IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) members believe angry bloggers should be ignored. While I don’t believe polls are always accurate or should be used in lieu of actual discussion, I do believe in the power of data to indicate facts. If you visit the IABC Jobs […]

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My New Dell PC User Experience – Not Enough USB Ports

My Dell Dimension 8200 died last month – dead fan after 4.5 years – RIP – you can buy it’s old memory a valuable and rare RDRAM type here (sold it on ebay). I ordered a new Dell Dimension 9150, I wanted to summarize my thoughts both good and bad: The Good: – PC arrived in […]

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Technorati CEO David Sifry on How to Build Corporate Culture Right

I just listened to a great interview on Technorati’s CEO David Sifry. His views on corporate culture and teamwork mirror my own and remind me of BlackRock’s culture. I would love to join for a start up with a culture and leader such as this and would like to interview David myself as there […]

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