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Steve Ballmer Speaks – Should Steve Spin Off MSN?

There is an interview in the Wall Street Journal today with Steve Ballmer. First I’d like to say that I wish they would have hired me to do the interview as it was mostly a rehash of many things Steve has already said save the Bill Gates is leaving and how does this affect you. For […]

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Cellular Startups and Carriers the Next Google(s)?

The Wall Street Journal had a very interesting article today about how celluar carriers are shying away from partnering with Yahoo! and Google and instead forming partnerships with smaller entities that they can control. It’s interesting and exciting to me because it’s a modified pay per call play – not just search. This is truly […]

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UPS – Not Customer Focused

Today’s WSJ Journal talks about UPS software. Well, I actually consider UPS to not be customer focused and in need of resetting it’s priorities. What I mean is that the person being shipped to is the ultimate customer not the shipper. The person receiving the package is the one paying for both the shipping and your salary and is […]

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Dell Blog – Still Waiting for USB Port Shortage Acknowledgement

As I posted on Easton Ellsorth’s blog, the emerging future of corporate blog leadership should likely be: LISTEN – to other blogosphere posts ACKNOWLEDGE ISSUES – by linking to the post and talk only about how that issue is being addressed LISTEN AGAIN – to all feedback ANSWER – include a we hear you and […]

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Shally Steckerl: Leadership Recruiting Innovator

Through my participation in during my amazing transition and discovery period, I’ve gotten to know some extremely interesting people. One of those people is Shally Steckerl (, a leading innovator in use of data mining and reverse viral marketing techniques for recruiting purposes. Alright David, just why the heck are you interviewing a recruiting […]

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Google Local/Google Maps – Michael Adelberg Summary of GeoDomain Speech

On June 3, 2006, Michael Adelberg, Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google spoke at the Associated Cities’ Geo Domain conference regarding local search trends and opportunities. Special thanks to Patrick Carleton and Brad Spirrison for making my attendance possible. Michael stated that it is his division’s mandate to, “Organize the world’s local information and make […]

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The Recent Economist Article

It probably isn’t surprising to you that many people in the Search Engine Marketing arena don’t read the Economist. So I’ll point out this unique article. Fantastic read here on advertising and how it’s changing. It will require new leaders with a combination of both people skills, branding and data skills like those found in […]

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