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Vlogs Ain’t Blogs

Alec Saunders has a nice post on why he thinks vlogs ain’t blogs. Brian Sullivan does the same. They saved me the time of doing this.  Then again, I myself posted video content in the past week (see unedited “loud announcement of Macy’s boycott” in my Marshall Field’s post). In my case it showed an angry mob and […]

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Marshall Field’s – Always Alive in Our Hearts

Though the name Marshall Field’s survived 154 years, two major fires and one flood of it’s basement, those heartless people at Federated Department stores have already killed Marshall Field’s and it’s web site – a full day early! OK, for those of you not in Chicago, some “branding geniuses” thought changing the name of Marshall Field’s after 154 […]

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I’m Outside The “Frothy Bubble 2.0”

Why do I love holiday weekends? Because the major media goes home and there is a ton of great blog posts out there based on people’s core thoughts everywhere I look (including my blog) instead of the major media discussion follow on. In fact, why does David Sifry of Technorati make the mistake of classifying […]

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Danny Sullivan to leave SES and SEW

Yes, Danny Sullivan is leaving SES and SEW. The rumors that he is leaving to build the world’s largest design firm of flash web sites are unfounded! Please do a blogroll lesson here and update your blogrolls to, many people change primary blogs and the blogrollers don’t follow. For example Robert Scoble’s old blog […]

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SES San Jose Day 4 – Search Engine Q&A On Links

MSN – Ramez Naam Links – What do they mean? Discovery – How do you find it? Reputation – How important is this page? Annotation – What is this page about? Key Principal of Links Short and Readable Descriptive Useful and Navigating In a Useful Location, Font, Color, etc. Build good content and they will […]

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Introducing 3.0

Lately, Google has been showing that is it participating in customer listening. This is good! I hope it continues. Since I’ve started studying search engine marketing these past full months full time, I’ve been applying to Google – even with employee referrals of former co-workers and people I’ve met at Search Engine Strategies, etc. with […]

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It would have been so cool if they had things like this when I was a kid. I know what some of you are saying, “Dave, they do have stuff like this and you still are a big kid!” Well my youthful appearance aside, the concept of is certainly neat. Hear a song and know […]

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