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OK, I finally signed up for Twitter. Please feel free to add me if you’d like. If you have any tips on how to best utilize Twitter – for networking, recruiting, driving traffic or otherwise – I welcome your contributions to the conversation. If you are reading this and you either have no idea what […]

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Rob Murray put up an interview with Derreck O’Connell on It was a nice interview but it didn’t get some questions asked that I’d love to know the answers to! When will have a blog search engine product offering? In the main index, many assert  that blogs don’t receive as much weight […]

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Increase Blog Traffic With YouTube Videos

Easton Ellsworth put together a awesome post on this subject. You should check out his thoughts.

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Microsoft: now about 4,500 bloggers

The figure comes from Product Manager Darren Strange. If accurate (I’d love to see a complete list), that means that about 6.3% of Microsoft’s workforce now blogs. Interesting to see the numbers continue to grow.

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WordPress 2.1 Compliant Theme – Customized

Thanks to cshel for customizing this awesome WordPress 2.1 theme! Bill Slawski also contributed useful ideas. Neil Patel gave me a few tips as well. Thanks to all of my other friends who contributed feedback. Hopefully this WordPress theme will work through versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3,2.4,2.5, etc…

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CIMA Chicago March Dinner

I’d like ot thank Julie Eckert, VP of Sales from, for having me as their guest at the event. The Chicago Marketing Speakers panel consisted of: Jory Des Jardins – BlogHer Ed D’Onofrio – Feedburner Bryce Emo – MySpace Danielle Wiley – Edelman Interactive Nick Schmidt – Vlogger and Marketing Analyst, Project Elliott To me the […]

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The Consumerist Vanishes From Technorati Again

Ben Popken’s blog the Consumerist has had this problem where it is not showing up in Technorati for quite some time. Ben writes an amazing and passionate blog with outstanding content, much of it contributed by users. Ben was quite helpful to me when my Mom had a recent Comcast problem and got me in touch with the […]

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