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Speaking Of Facebook – It Needs Change Management of Customer Service

There has been some discussion today of Facebook’s business model.

Forget about monetization, can Facebook survive without any useful customer service improvements? While 98% of the service works great on autopilot, there is absolutely zero customer service for the things where you do need help. I don’t mean bad customer service, I mean there is absolutely no customer service for certain issues.

Case #1 – Last month, I created a group called Interactive, Search Marketing and Social Media Change Managment in my haste to leave for a conference, you can see that I mispelled Management in the group name. This field is not editable by the group owner and after 7 weeks, I have had zero professional response from a real human at Facebook to resolve the issue.

Case #2 – Lack of ability to add Networks of former employers properly. As more people are using Facebook as a sourcing tool, the inability to update this for historical employers, in my case BlackRock, is not just an inconvenience, it could be costing me opportunities and monetization due to the lack of focus on data integrity of my profile to the level I’d like. On this matter I reached out to an executive of Facebook directly – they said they were sending it to customer service as “they should be able to rectify your issues”. Ten more days have passed without correction of my two data problems. I’m putting a deadline of October 30th on this for Facebook to fix this as this is a more than reasonable amount of time to do so.

Lastly, a necessary enhancement. How about a button on people’s profiles that says, take me to all the messages I have exchanged with this person? Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Speaking Of Facebook – It Needs Change Management of Customer Service

  1. David,

    I really appreciate your fantastic commentary on Internet strategy. Why don’t you come out to the valley and work for a bigtime Internet firm to prove out your theorems.

  2. David,

    I have a Facebook account but never use them on a serious purpose. I don’t know about their customer services, but in your case, they really need to improve a lot because 7 weeks is a long time to resolve a misspells issue.

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  4. Yes i agree 7 week is quiet a long time. it should be 2-3 weeks.

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