Top Digg Users Show Wide Variance In Participation

Everyone knows that Digg users are highly social and many are familiar with the traditional ranking of popular posts and other data that is available on (data used in this post is as of 8/3/2008). Just for fun, I decided to toss this data into a spreadsheet and splice and dice it a bit to see what I might find.

After this exercise, I now think there are groups of Digg users with different tendencies. I’ll tentatively entitle these tendencies Super Socialites and Relevants – users who wait for can’t miss content. These users fall into two subcategories – High Submit Success and Infrequent Participation. Check out the wide variations in these new metrics sources, which are agnostic as to the tenure of the Digg  user:

Digg User   # Popular
MrBabyMan 2644
msaleem 1681
zaibatsu 1410
supernova17 1210
MakiMaki 1046
mklopez 913
skored 842
tomboy501 563
IvanB 485
pizzler 459

Digg User   High Submit Success Ratio
kevinrose 97.105%
FirstDigg 80.180%
haxr 63.095%
diggboss 61.184%
sepultura 60.773%
macbot 55.556%
openthink 52.301%
lazycat 50.314%
supernova17 49.187%

Digg User   Diggs per Popular  (lowest voting participation)
normalkid 7.373
tarkullu 15.327
macbot 19.133
lnfiniteLoop 20.118
mklopez 24.648
Vinvin 25.163
kevinrose 27.827
MrEMan 27.909
MrBabyMan 36.769

Digg User  Diggs per Popular (highest voting participation)
ShuTian 1025.769
numberneal 901.385
maxyRO 820.896
zoomtechtv 767.209
emberjohn 713.982
FamilyGuyFan 711.771
lekahe 679.068
vroom101 675.685
iching 563.242
Konstantino 554.347

While every change of the Digg algorithm, these rankings shift anew in unpredictable ways.  These new metrics show some clear differences in the tendencies of some Digg users. It would be be wise to pause and analyze these different types of Digg users and how their mixture of roles create value on Digg.

2 Responses to Top Digg Users Show Wide Variance In Participation

  1. Nick Stamoulis August 7, 2008 at 8:03 pm #

    This is interesting data as we thought it was all the same people getting ahead on Digg with their submissions but this is great stuff – showing us the wide variety of users succeeding on there. Thanks.

  2. jigs August 12, 2008 at 10:09 pm #

    thats an interesting figures about digg users. can you give us an advice on how to get more traffic and how can we improve our sites or blog by using digg.tanks.

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