Nokia N81 8GB Review

A few weeks ago I was sent a Nokia N81 8GB mobile phone. This post will contrast it with Nokia N73 it replaced.

IMG_0044Image by tnkgrl via Flickr

Positives of the Nokia N81 8GB:

– The first thing you notice is new radically different navigation on N-series phones. The green and red call and hang up buttons are on the edges of larger buttons – it takes a few phone calls to get used to the new placement!

– I love the one click swipe to lock or unlock on the top of the phone!

– Now 1 click to writing a text message

– Battery life is really long, especially considering the extremely well lit back keys

– WIFI connection works well, I’ve been able to surf and test mobile web sites much more clearly.

Areas to improve on the next version:

– The Nokia N81 8GB is black background with white text – this can be hard to read in bright sunlight situations.

This phone should definitely serve me quite well until US version of 3G comes out.

I’d also like to give Andy Abramson special props for getting me in touch with someone at Tmobile regarding a coverage problem I’ve been having. Much appreciated.


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