ebaydevcon08 – eBay Future Product Roadmap Session

The following is my live and raw blogging of Adam Trachtenberg’s session:

New Ebay API Calls released today
– most watched items
– deals
– related category items
– top-selling products

This uses eBay’s New Services Framework! This is an API upgrade…

Cross Merchandising
– sell products using the brand
– promote contextually relevant market

Merchandising in Action at Ebay.com – Buyer behavior, interests are now creating personalization based on past purchase behavior

Visit developer.ebay.com for access to tools…

SDK upgrades and SDK/JDK for Java…

Many Large Seller Improvements
– Batch upgrades
– Easier variant listing
– Feedback automation
– ASQ: Redirection to CS email
– Invoices: Invoices to A/P email

Making eBay Better
– Create a first-class buyer experience
– Create a trusted marketplace

Improving Buyer Experience:
– Number of recent policy changes improve buyer experience
– Mandating “critical item information”
– Previously optional items, will be mandatory

– All items must specify at least one domestic shipping service
– Suggest passing, weight info to auction, suggest passing tracking info back for my eBay…

Return Policy Needs to be Transparent

Paymentsb – Paypal required in most countries…Paypal only in limited markets

Anonymous Member Email Address:
– Anonymous until sale is complete
– Protect buyers from fraud during eBay purchase

New Links Policy:
– Generally speaking, no link off eBay, whether or not an item is being for sale on that site
– Not a comprehensive list, more specifics to come…

Verification of new sellers is occurring

Trusted Selling With Identity Confirmation


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