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Dell Deleting Message Board Entries About Dell Inspirons

During my recent Dell communications, I performed a Google blog search on – Dell Inspiron 1505 hinges

Please focus on the second item:

At the time that entry was still in Google blog search, it reached to a dead link. Why is Dell censoring and deleting information about these Inspiron line issues? Do they have something to hide?

3 thoughts on “Dell Deleting Message Board Entries About Dell Inspirons

  1. David:

    Just wanted to stop by see if I could further explain what happened in this situation.

    The post in question included a Terms of Service violation related to language, as a result the post was removed from the Dell message boards.

    The original poster was notified and the ability to repost without the offending words was available. As a result, the post which once appeared in a google search, will return an error as it’s no longer publicly available.

    I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Chris Byrd
    Dell Community Ambassador

  2. Hi Chris,

    What did the post say with those words removed?

    What is it about Dell that drives people to use such language?

    Is it the service level and treatment perhaps?

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