Eco-Safe – Nice Idea – Needs Much Better Execution

Just saw Eco-Safe installed on Chris Brogan‘s blog. It looked super cool and was excited to try it so I emailed a file to my self.

I was massively disappointed by what followed…

A giant and unnecessary pdf file weighing in at a hefty half a megabyte arrived in my mailbox. 🙁

Giant pdf files are anything but eco-friendly!

Sometimes those massive pdf’s are jammed into archaic email servers with small file size limits like the joke of the size of my email address (the quota hasn’t ben raised from 20MB in it’s history and creates networking bottlenecks). Secondarily, large files are not eco-friendly in general as they take up larger amounts of hard drive space which drives demand for more hard drive space – this is hardly eco-friendly. This isn’t even mentioning RAM implications.

I would hope that Eco-Safe would chose to immediately work to limit the file size of it’s output or better yet eliminate pdf’s altogether…


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