Finally…Real Proof That Brands Affect Search Choice…Ginger and Mary Ann

Yahoo Buzz had this interesting tidbit…

What was Mary Ann thinking?
Though Spitzer rode roughshod over most of the week’s news, a few other stories still managed to slip to the top of Buzz. One of them was a Yahoo! News article on Dawn Wells, the actress best known for her portrayal of Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island.” The aging star was caught in a pot bust, fined several hundred dollars, and slapped with six months of “unsupervised probation.” But the indignity didn’t stop there.

The story stirred a tremendous amount of interest in Search—but not about Dawn Wells. Instead, lookups skyrocketed for Tina Louise, the va-va-voom redhead who played Ginger on the show. We registered an astonishing 13,076% rise in demand for her name (compare that to Wells’ 5,860%). Just the thought of Mary Ann triggered all these luscious old memories of Ginger, Ginger’s photos, and Ginger’s legs. Searchers also boosted “tina louise news” and “tina louise now.” What would the Professor say?








So TV character Mary Ann(Dawn Wells) gets into some legal trouble and Ginger’s (Tina Louise) traffic more than doubles the increase of Mary Ann’s. WOW! That is the first time I can recall a vivid example of a news story about one topic creating a massive increase in search volume for another topic that was not mentioned. In other words, it clearly shows the power of brands.

For those of you who say it’s due to another word starting with the letter B, I’d offer this picture of a young Dawn Wells to show in conjunction with the picture above that the scripts and wardrobe selection shaped Ginger’s superior brand recall when it came to their search of choice this week.


4 Responses to Finally…Real Proof That Brands Affect Search Choice…Ginger and Mary Ann

  1. Michael Carruth March 19, 2008 at 10:23 am #


    Personally, I was always more a “fan” of Mary Ann than Ginger. Never a finer tribute to girls-next-door all over!

    Interesting post!


  2. chad September 24, 2009 at 1:25 am #

    Nice pics from Gilligans Island.
    Mary Ann was my favorite.

  3. Raymmie February 11, 2010 at 9:11 am #

    Mary Ann had a special chemistry that I loved.


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