SES San Jose Technology Disconnections

I’m struck by two interesting incidents I had with some Googlers this week in regards to communication.

The first involved Google Calendar and a lunch appointment. The lunch appointment stated 2:15PM. What I didn’t know is that this was Chicago time! The lunch was for 12:15 San Jose time. Unfortunately, none of the communications from Google Calendar mentioned the time zone conversion that had occurred.

Later that same day, I was supposed to connect with another Google employee via cell phone at the Google Dance. I dialed the number provided and the person’s spouse answered. The confused spouse stated that their significant other was at the Google Dance and that they coudln’t understand how I had dialed this number. Well that made two of us! I later learned that this person was experimenting with Grand Central and that both numbers were set to ring and that their cell phone could not be heard at the dance.

The people involved and myself have already shared a good laugh about all of this so there is no need for Adam Lasnik or Matt Cutts to send any notes of apology or anything like that!

I’ve recently become fascinated by the way that technology that is meant to improve our communication often fragments communication instead! This is something to keep top of mind as we enter the mobile era and design and execute the mobile search services of the future. How do we reduce communication fragmentation by the usage of technology?

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