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SES San Jose 2007 Day 1 – Earning Money From Contextual Ads

Search Engine Marketing Speakers:
Jennifer Slegg, Owner,
Jeremy Schoemaker, Founder and CEO, Shoemoney Media Group Inc.
Bryan Vu, AdSense Associate Manager, Google
Markus Frind, Founder,

Jennifer Slegg –

How to influence ads that appear:
Unique title tags
Meta tags
Alt tags
Keyword hints
Stop words – if you are having trouble with public service ads – you need to do this
Use image ads to your advantage:

Enable image ads on Adsense for an image only ad placement. Get paid CPM.

Highest CTR should be first HTML
– Highest earning
– Test with multiple channels

Borders: To be or not to be
Sometime blended are best.

YPN: The eternal beta
Split test Adsense against Yahoo Publisher Network

Labeling as ads can increase CTR
– Avoid compliancy issues
– Don’t blend
– CTR up 1.5%

Adsense for Search
– Volume = $
– Display results on own site

Switch it up
– Ad rotation
– Color variety
– Style variety
– Custom channels

Craft inbound links carefully

Smart filtering
– Use your filer list with caution
– Blocking ads= lower paying ads appearing

One ad unit versus three
One ad unit on a page can make more than three combined
Adsense on forums
Enable image ads


Section targeting

Blog terms in images

Dynamic content problems

Non-content sites
Image & flash heavy sites

Non-associate login ID
Unsecured connection
Raw logs
Ad tracker
Policy changes

If your account is suspended:

If you are warned first:
– 3 days grace
– May block adserving on page site account but login available



Jeremy Shoemaker aka Shoemoney–

When I start using contextual Advertising
– Complete Functionality
– 1,000 Unique Visitors/Day

Innovative or ????? – keep the lines of communication open.

Ads are no longer allowed near images.

Bearshare discussion

People are getting bad.

YPN “Yahoo is a disaster right now”

– Unstable and unreliable after launch

– Horrible targeting still

– Too focused on advertisers

Tools of the trade –


Google Analytics

Openads – likes the interface – if the users is coming from digg or Firefox – show different ads

Tips for success –

Don’t Sell Out


Heat Maps


Bryan Vu, Google


Testing branding, Youtube, branding and mobile, etc…


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