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SES San Jose 2007 Day 1 – Post-Search Marketing Ads

Search Engine Marketing Speakers:
Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder,
Dave Carberry, Director of Search Marketing,
Michael Benedek, VP-Business Development, AlmondNet
Richard Frankel, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Yahoo!

Kevin Lee

Tap the intent of the searcher. Search is the greatest indicator of a consumers needs.

Engines have the greatest leverage as they see the highest level of data. Google says they are not doing retargeting. Yahoo is live in Phase 3 of an evolution. Microsoft’s acquisition of adECN will have implications.

Preaching to the unconverted. If you are lucky 5% conversion is good. Contextual ads are most often links but are increasingly graphical. Converting the unconverted – different offer/price, ad creative, different landing page or time.

One click away. Target directly, Google Site Targeting, Yahoo! YPN, adbrite, link sellers like text link ads – which has pros and cons.

Piggy-back Retargeting

The Best of Search + Media Buying – don’t over focus on keywords.

Stay tuned. Post-search targeting adds relevance to non-search advertising.

Michael Benedek, CP – Business Development – AlmondNet

Owns post search patents

70 million aggregated in US/UK 40 segments

Delivery of ads based on wherever people go.

Behavioral becomes increasing important when contextual falls short.

Types – Advertiser Retargeting, Inventory, Data Sharing and Post Search

Why is post search so exciting?

People of their time 5% time searching, yet spend 95% of their time browsing ad supported content on other sites!!!

User should not be seeing an untargeted ad.

What have we learned for 600 million ads. Clickthroughs on targeted ads is about the same as untargeted – yet they convert 8 to 10 times better.

David –

Post search behavioral allows you to re–engage your consumers after they click. The desired conversion is key. The searched keyword is the behavior. Can overlap geo or demo based on audience size. Custom messaging from multiple touch points. Brand segmentation keeps retargeting pool wide.

Richard Frankel, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Yahoo!

There are a lot of things that consumers do that don’t have to do with search. Part of our secret sauce is. If you go to the mortgage page or Yahoo! Autos you are likely interested in those products. We put all that together.

Yahoo! Engagers – raise brand awareness, deepen engagement and build brand preference

Yahoo! Shoppers

How Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting Works – we analyzed predictive patterns for ad response in 350+ product categories.

Target ads to users who get the highest relevance scores in the targeting categories you choose

Uses all of the commercial categories. Pretty much every Yahoo! property is included.

The smart ads value proposition is much more clear to me now in regards to relevancy and how Yahoo! can leverage it’s broad and unique resources.

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