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SES San Jose 2007 Day 1 – Advanced Paid Search Techniques

Search Engine Marketing Speakers:
Jon Kelly, President, SureHits
Eduardo Llach, Founder & COO, SearchRev
Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster
Michael Sack, Director, SEM Technology & Development, Idearc Media Corp.

Eduardo Llach – Search Rev

Creative and Landing Page

Geo/Metro targeting
–    Accuracy – country 100%, state 50% , city 30%
–    Nationwide versus top 10 metro areas testing

Syndication – conversion rates vary among sites

Day parting – Focus on the conversation and the CPO, bid that way too

Early terms: Brand / Late terms

Jon Kerry: Sure Hits

Long tail keywords

Why should you care?
–    Small Volume Adds Up
–    Clear Intention >> Better Conversion
–    Less Competition >> Lower Bids

What is the probability and value of these low volume clicks?

Calculate Click Value

Geography, Product and Request are the drivers

Tag Your keywords

City – poor conversation
State – high conversion

Conversion x Value = Click Value

Avoid fake tail phrases

Mobile, Alabama brought mobile Mobile Home Loans

Florida 24% higher than Texas. 74% more clicks, population

Houston Google flaw? Example

Matt Van Wagner, Find Me Faster

DKI mythology

“Used fish” example from Yahoo!

“Used cigars” from Microsoft

“Paid search advertisements”

Dynamic Text Insertion

How DKI works on Google…

Case sensitive

Proper state abbreviations

Do not display in your URL…

Expanded Broad Matching

“used underwear” search

Bad broad match term

Panama – alternate text

Keyword, alternate text and default text

Dynamic – Text insertion is well regarded

DKI works best when they are tightly organized around sneakers

Michael Sack, Ideaarc

Day Parting – When to use

Competitive market conditions
Limited sales windows

– Need to be doing on an hourly basis
– Plot performance against time

Hi-lo Optimization

Keywords are like an investment

Bidding is like Blackjack

Uneducated players change the table
– They can cost you money
– They ruin the landscape
– Same thing happens with PPC

What to do?
– Portfolios
– Set rules and Objectives
– Measure performance

– More keywords (covered)
– Leverage the “Tail”

Bid more effectively

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