Maybe Cartoonists Should Develop Next London Olympics 2012 Logo

So Scoble wants to make cartoonists into an revenue generating business. As I continue to look for that proper leadership role, I have extreme compassion for others trying to get people to see value in their skill set and properly evaluate their future potential value so I brainstormed a bit. I have some ideas for Dawn Douglass to explore:

1) Video game companies designing graphics

2) Non-profits needing to explain their value

3) Any company or person needing to tell a story

4) Cartoon transcripts of Scoble’s PodTech interviews 😉

5) Or maybe designing a new Olympic logo for the 2012 London games!

Yikes the logo below cost 400,000 GBP ($797,000) to make according to the Guardian Limited and BBC News. The BBC stated that the video version caused reports of epileptic seizures. The numerous negative YouTube videos can be viewed here.

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  1. Dawn Douglass June 13, 2007 at 1:30 am #

    Thanks for the ideas, David. I wish we were up and running already, because that’s a great idea about the logo. We could show the world what we can do by creating a large number of alternative logos. Would have been fun!

    You know I’ve seen this logo all over, and just realized yesterday that it’s supposed to say “2012.” GADS! I just thought it was clunky kindergarten shapes. Why the dash?? I don’t get it. Whoever was paid for making this logo must have a relative controlling the Game’s purse strings.

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