Microsoft Strategic Account Summit 2007

The main parts of the Microsoft Strategic Account Summit are today and Wednesday, here is the schedule. My initial thoughts:

1) I wish it were broadcast online, even the Chris Cornell concert, this is a lost opportunity for exposure to those who can’t be at the summit and build positive PR.

2) We’re going to hear another round of Yahoo! and Microsoft merger talk. Much like old URL by Charlene Li, I do not think this is the best path. They would be better off hiring teams of people with experience innovating products and services in different industries. This get past the limiting beliefs of continually hiring passive candidates who demonstrate no loyalty or passion for their present companies.

3) Why is John Battelle the only person at the summit blogging his thoughts? His post is the only one I could find about the opening night’s festivities.

4) I’m interested in information about the people shaping mobile search at the summit, please contact me.


  1. Search Engine Land: News About Search Engines & Search Marketing - May 9, 2007

    Gates: My Remaining Time Aimed At “Search, Buyers & Sellers”… has a nice roundup of Microsoft’s eighth annual Strategic Account Summit. In the Strategic Account Summit, Bill Gates said that he plans on spending the last remaining months of his Microsoft tenure focusing on “search, buyers and sel…

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