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Howard Tong Leaves Newegg

It appears that Howard Tong the likely mastermind of Newegg’s awesome marketing and customer experience has left Newegg and has joined as COO (as per his Linkedin profile). I noticed this today after I was having communication difficulties with a Newegg order and tried to reach out to him and was highly surprised to […]

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Mobile Advertising Network

Mobile Ad Network, it’s interesting to see the hyper competitiveness of this keyword term as it implies a push marketing channel instead of a pull channel such as mobile search. We’ve trained consumers to search for a decade now, why would they want to regress to push models instead of using true mobile search? They […]

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Alvin Wang Graylin, CEO of mInfo Interviewed at 3GSM

Alvin Wang Graylin, CEO of mInfo, Inc., a Chinese mobile search firm, was interviewed at 3GSM 2007: Bena Roberts podcast mInfo also released a 2006 mobile search results survey. The podcasts provide some insight into the China mobile search marketplace.

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CIMA Chicago March Dinner

I’d like ot thank Julie Eckert, VP of Sales from, for having me as their guest at the event. The Chicago Marketing Speakers panel consisted of: Jory Des Jardins – BlogHer Ed D’Onofrio – Feedburner Bryce Emo – MySpace Danielle Wiley – Edelman Interactive Nick Schmidt – Vlogger and Marketing Analyst, Project Elliott To me the […]

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Infospace Cancels JPMorgan Global Internet Conference Appearance

Infospace (INSP) was scheduled to appear at the JPMorgan Global Internet Conference today. It appears that they have canceled the appearance as the timeslot has passed and they are no longer on the schedule. Tom Sandell, the CEO and Senior Portfolio Manager of Sandell Asset Management  Corp., holder of 8.8% of Infospace, stated in a […]

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Volvo C30 Designer Blog and More On Listening

Simon Lamarre has an interesting blog on the new Volvo C30. In it he has an fascinating post (BLOG NO LONGER EXISTS) where he shows how different his interactions with the media and actual customers are in terms of their concerns and conversations. It brings up an interesting question – are cars being designed for consumers […]

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Jonathan Krackehl From Real Magic TV Reenters My Life

Jonathan Krackehl, a magician and someone I used to talk to almost everyday during the era, suddenly reentered my life today after a multiple year absence. It’s almost surreal that he enters my life again now, when music content is reemerging as an important factor again in my life. I look forward to reconnecting with him […]

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