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Chicago Police – My Thoughts on Recent Incidents

The recent Chicago Police incidents that have been caught on tape in Chicago seem to indicate that Chicago Police are poorly managed in terms of priorities and that leads to considerable questionable activities and a lack of accountability in the ward levels to regular citizen quality of life issue concerns.

There is constant finger pointing between 44th ward alderman Tom Tunney and the 19th district Chicago Police with no accountability. While Tom Tunney is responsible for approving the overgrowth of the Clark street bar area, he has done nothing to solve the parking problems and serious quality of life issues that he has created. Then there is Mayor Daley, a mayor that is not solving Chicago’s serious economic growth problems, ultimately his offices set the culture that allows a police force to be mismanaged and overburdened with paperwork to the point they frequently don’t file complaints that citizen’s request.

While the major media blames individual police officers, they should should look much higher at the Mayor and other upper administration management, it’s time for someone to run this city in the best interest of those who live in it.

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CTIA Mobile Search Panel

I will not have a blog entry on this panel. With 6 participants of various backgrounds – it wasn’t focused. The sound was also terrible. There was little flow to the conversation.  The session was obviously frustrating to the audience as half of them left before it was over.  

There was a minimum of three panels merged into one here – white label mobile search, LBS in conjunction mobile search and voice with mobile search. My view is that CTIA doesn’t fully appreciate the importance of mobile search yet and that the mobile search discussions during the Billboard event on Monday were of superior quality.

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Lost a Stack of Business Cards

I was waiting for some folks outside of the Peabody Hotel in Orlando today and while waiting I lost a stack of about 30 business cards.

If you gave me a card today please resend your contact information.

If you know of anyone that found a bunch of business cards in this location, please have them contact me. (I’m happy to make the new networking contact).

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The Great Debate: Content Versus Distribution – CTIA MEL 2007

Moderator: Tom Wheeler, Managing Director, Core Capital Partners (extremely well prepared moderator – great job Tom)

Business Speaker: Jim Ryan, VP, Consumer Data Products, ATT (Cingular)

Business Speaker: Larry Shapiro, EVP Business Development, Operations, Walt Disney Internet Group

This is an amazing panel – the session is way too fast paced to blog well enough to be worthy of it’s immense quality. I think I have good audio (thank you to the kind and fine people at Roland for providing me a review copy of the Edirol R-09 last week for usage at this conference) Speaking of audio has anyone found a Youtube type service for audio serving other than yousendit or putting it on a peer to peer network? I’ll try to contact you with it if you leave me comment with a valid email address. An audience poll of this session showed 70% of the people thought there was a role for an aggregator in the process (note – an earlier poll showed the audience to be about 30% carrier folks).

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Leaving for CTIA Wireless 2007

I’m interested in meeting anyone and everyone in the mobile search industry to learn about what you are up to!!! Drop me a line if you are going.

I’m still seeking a pass +1 for the LG Foo Fighters party on Tuesday.

Lastly, I’m interested in speaking with anyone who can provide me a cell phone that will actually work reliably with my Tmobile cell phone service in my current residence. You are a very special person I’ve been seeking to meet for quite some time!

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