Another Reason SEO Matters (Dave Pasternack of Did-it) + Blogroll Submissions

To run a successful SEM campaign on Google and now Yahoo! the quality of the landing page matters, which implies strongly that it is SEO optimized and friendly. So even Google says that you need to have SEO skills to run an SEM campaign!!! Though the sloppy way some folks linked to his bio page makes one wonder if he is losing a war but winning a battle?

In the spirit of SEO, I’m currently adding to my blogroll for a limited time. Please add my blog to your blogroll with just my first and last name and e-mail your link and short anchor text preference. I’ll get right back to you with your new Google PR5 link.

Relevant links:

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Dave Pasternack

Dave Pasternack

Dave Pasternack

Dave Pasternack

If I missed a relevant site, please let me know.

3 Responses to Another Reason SEO Matters (Dave Pasternack of Did-it) + Blogroll Submissions

  1. Dave Pasternack February 12, 2007 at 4:02 pm #

    Dear Mr. Dalka,

    Of course SEO matters. The issue is whether this information should be demystified and shared democratized, or warehoused within the privileged domain of those who claim that it is “rocket science” too difficult to be shared with ordinary mortals at rates less than several hundred dollars per hour.

    Dave Pastarnack
    Did-it Search Marketing

  2. paisley February 13, 2007 at 3:26 pm #

    Please add the link Mr. Dalka..

    As to the ASSCLOWN – PPC Twit/Myopian.

    Dave Pasternack (notice how he spelled his name wrong above?)
    Did-it Search Marketing

    If you demystified How or What Google ranks on and how GOOD, PROPER, WITHIN GUIDLINES, SEO works.. unlike the “black hat” claim this assclown’s partner Kevin made on Linked in.. you would have more spam than we already have.. you think “splogs” are a problem.. this would be ridiculous. Unlike the lazy ass PPC twits at Did-It (so far 3 of them have written PPC biased articles), hence “twits”, some of us have been doing this for years (WITHIN THE RULES), some of us actually wrote some of those rules, i.e. myself for Google Directory (DMOZ/ODP) and Yahoo! Directory. So we play WITHIN THE LINES.. lazy ass PPC Twits like Dave Bastardneck, lol.. just don’t get it and they want to cry instead of hiring someone who knows their stuff.

    3 out of 4 rocket scientists don’t get SEO, BECAUSE ITS NOT THIER JOB.

    and some of us people who think sleep is for mortals who have stayed up lat enights for years figuring out how ORGANIC SEO works.. don’t like the fact that this ASSCLOWN Dave Pasternack, thinks he can demystify search..

    here’s a clue dickhead.. that would be a bad thing.. just imagine if you could hire someone to write viruses and make them first in SEO results for innocuous things..


    let’s make a fake (insert online store here) copy of a well used website and put in first in the organic results.. (they are already doing this in PPC)…

    So someone like me that can pull #1 results like (an example from a Google Search) Results 1 – 10 of about 243,000,000 for (keyword omitted due to NDA with client) –

    $1000 bet if anyone thinks i am b.s. ing on the above..

    SEO Terrorist could be a different problem.. for Example..

    Google “Auto Nation Dallas”

    that is SEO terrorism.. yep.. guilty as charged..

    then again.. this is ALL I do.. we have several clients that we do Organic SEO for.. my goal is to get in the top 3 and cancel ppc.. or better yet.. make it free…

    Google “Free PPC Campaigns”

    yep.. i’m there..

    URLs to link…


  3. Tommy January 6, 2009 at 6:39 pm #


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