Jason Calacanis Accepts Neil Patel’s SEO Challenge

After Danny Sullivan ranted, others checked in, and Neil raved, Jason finally caved in and said, OK, prove it.
This will certainly be fun to watch! 


  1. WebProNews Video Blog » Blog Archive » SES: The Neil Patel Challenge - April 20, 2007

    […] Calacanis did accept the invitation to the challenge and told Patel to prove his point. In an interview with Webpronews at the SES conference, Patel talked to us about the whole ordeal. It has been over two months since the outbreak of the challenge and, so far, the traffic on Calacanis.com has increased 25 percent. The results are not entirely accurate, since Calacanis wrote about the Oscars the day before the challenge was scheduled to begin. If he had not written about the Oscars, the traffic increase would have been up some 40 percent. Based upon the percentages, Patel has won the challenge. However, Jason Calacanis has yet to come clean and post his end of the bargain. […]

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