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Sociable 2.0 Plugin Release Interview: Peter Harkins

Please bookmark as “Sociable 2.0 Interview” – Thanks! I first met Peter Harkins in person at Barcamp Chicago in the Summer of 2006. As I’ve gotten to know him, he knows far more than just coding, as he appreciates and participates constructively in conversations about business strategy and monetization. It’s a winning combination. The response […]

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Good Tips for Building Blog Readership

This post gives some great tips!

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Making It Easier for Blogs to Link to Blogs Instead of News Sites

So Robert Scoble got upset the other day about people linking to major media sites instead of other blogs. It seemed interesting to me. I started to think about the issues involved, mostly because it didn’t seem like natural behavior. But then it hits you like a brick, all of the major search engines have […]

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The following is a first ever guest post by mother, Gloria Dalka, who recently had Comcast waste her time, miss numerous appointments and experienced other inconveniences. The largest of these involved a contract tech that visited the house to install a cable modem, said “he’d return later” (yet never did), then reported the job and […]

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Interview with Joe Beaulaurier of PR Web

One of the many people I’ve had a pleasure of meeting in person is Joe Beaulaurier, Interactive Marketing Manager at PRWeb, Inc. Joe maintains an interesting personal blog on press release issues (no longer in existence). Question: So a lot is happening these days at PRWeb! Joe: Yes! We have been extremely busy upgrading our […]

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School Policies Adversely Affecting Mobile

Joe McNally wrote a nice article questioning the reasoning of a recent rule banning cell phones in schools in Milwaukee, Wisconson. It raises the question whether the mobile industry has a role to play in educating people about the downsides of such rules? It’s a good read – these are the highlights: It’s amazing how […]

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Illinois Sues SMS Text Message Spammers

A surprisingly very lightly reported news story talked about the dark side of SMS, text spammers. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently filed a federal lawsuit against a pair of Florida SMS spammers who sent 5 million unsolicited text messages!!! Increasingly I’m seeing a consumer backlash against untargeted SMS messages. We’ve trained people to search […]

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